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A Quick Look Back At 2014- Some Travel Highlights of the Past Year

A Quick Look Back At 2014- Some Travel Highlights of the Past Year

Posted from Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

2014 has come and gone and 2015 is now upon us. As we look back on the last year we remember some of our travel highlights.



Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Swiss lake
Photo time

We decided to take a road trip across Switzerland on our motorbike. We took a train from Vienna to the border of Austria and Switzerland and then from there took the bike across the tiny country.

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Serbian Wedding
Serbian dancing in the square

We were invited to a friend’s wedding in Serbia and in the summer time. We both had not been to Serbia before so we were excited to experience our first serbian wedding. The weather was scorching hot but the country side was beautiful and we had a great time learning all the traditional serbian customs.

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Istria,  Croatia

The harbour
Rovinj, Croatia

We took a road trip from Vienna to Croatia in the summer time . We fell in love with this beautiful country. From the food and history to the architecture and natural landscapes- Croatia had it all. We spent our time in the northern region of Istria and we couldn’t help but be reminded of Venice. The north of Croatia used to be owned by the republic of Venice and this was evident as we explored the old streets.

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Watching the sun set in Slovenia

In between Austria and Croatia is Slovenia,  a country we didn’t know much about before hand. We also didn’t realize that Slovenia had a small coastline in between Croatia and Italy. This tiny coastline takes about 20 mins to drive along so in the span of 40 mins you can travel between three countries. Slovenia turned out be a beautiful experience and we hope to visit again (hopefully to Lake Bled).


Salzburg,  Austria

“Rain drops on roses”
“The hills are alive”
St. Peterstiftskeller, Salzburg

Jessica’s dreams came true when we stayed at the Schloss Leopoldskron– also known as the Sound of Music palace. We visited Salzburg in the fall and had the pleasure of staying at the palace hotel for one night. We had been to Salzburg a few times before,  but every time we have visited we are enchanted by the beauty and history of this small Austrian city.

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Prague,  Czech Republic

“Goodbye” Prague- taken in the Old Town Square
Beautiful Prague
Funky metro- heading to the castle.

Prague had been on our bucket list for a while so when we had the chance to go we didn’t hesitate. We were lucky to find accommodation right off the Old town square which made our stay that much more enjoyable. Prague is the perfect city to walk around- there are so many tiny streets with interesting shops and restaurants to explore. We were there for three days but soon realized three days was not enough. Such a great European city!

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Seattle,  USA

Pike Place Market, Seattle
The famous Fish Market- a highlight of the market
Great view of the water- Christian enjoying the sunset

While visiting Jessica’s family in Canada,  we were able to visit Seattle for the weekend. We had been to Seattle two years before and had fond memories of the Pike Place Market,  so we made sure to go back and experience it all over again. Beautiful ocean views,  good food( and coffee of course)and friendly people,  makes this city a special place to visit. Seattle is one of those feel good cities that brings you back again and again.

Blog post,  here.

2014 was a great year for travelling and we look forward to what 2015 has to bring.. we look forward to sharing our future experiences with you!

Christian and Jess from ” All About Travelling”

2 thoughts on “A Quick Look Back At 2014- Some Travel Highlights of the Past Year”

  • Great list! I am glad to see so many European countries on your 2014 list 🙂 And Prague is smashing always – holds its charm over me all the time 🙂 Serbia sounds interesting and Slovenia too – we must visit one day too! Have a smashing 2015!!!

    • Thanks for connecting Monika! Prague is a special city- so much to see and do. Have a great new year and safe travels!! – Chris and Jess

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