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All About Spain Part 1- Barcelona, Tossa De Mar and Empuries

All About Spain Part 1- Barcelona, Tossa De Mar and Empuries

Posted from El Prat de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain.

Spain is a country rich with culture and history. We have visited the country many times but still find ourselves in awe of all the alluring places to discover. On our most recent trip we visited the beautiful region of Catalan.



We flew into Barcelona early in the morning and headed straight to our hotel. We got a great deal with the Chic & Basic Las Ramblas hotel. It was in the perfect location, right off Las Ramblas and close to the Drassanes metro station. On our way to the hotel we noticed a ton of people wearing Barcelona soccer jerseys,  so we checked to see if there was a game that day and luckily there was. After a frantic last minute search online,  we were able to score ourselves the last pair of tickets.

Entering the famous stadium

Christian was in heaven



Catalan Coastal Region

In previous visits we had explored the coast south of Barcelona,  but north of Barcelona lies the Catalan region,  an area we wanted to explore in more depth.

We wanted an authentic Catalan experience,  so when we stumbled upon a 13th century Farmhouse that had been turned in to a bed and breakfast we thought,  ‘why not?’.

Mas Masaller

Located in between the city of Girona and the Catalan coast,  Mas Masaller had the perfect location for exploring the Catalan region. It truly was an authentic experience; from the delicious breakfast of artisan cheeses, local meats,  homemade croissants and jam,  to the rustic decor of the interior, we couldn’t have imagined a better place to stay for our trip.a 13th century farm house.” width=”800″ height=”532″ /> The outside of Mas Masaller, a 13th century farm house.SAM_4220new

Artisan Cheese

[gallery link=”file” ids=”1208,  north of L’Escala lies the ancient town of Empúries. Founded in 575 BC by the Greeks,  and later occupied by the Romans,  this ancient town eventually was abandoned after a history of invaders left it vulnerable to future attacks.

Although the location of the ancient town had been known since the 15th century,  it wasn’t until the 20th century that excavations were finally carried out. It takes around 90 minutes to explore the ruins, including the museum,  but interestingly enough only 20 percent of the town has been excavated, leaving much to be explored in the future years to come.

Ancient Ruins of Empuries

Ancient artifacts found in the graves of young roman children.

Located beside Empuries is the medieval town of Sant Martí d’Empúries. After exploring the ruins we decided to grab some lunch there and take in the sights. This medieval town dates back to the 9th century and it sure felt like it, as we walked the old cobble stone streets.


Exploring the Medieval town of Sant Martí d'Empúries

We made a new friend

Tossa De Mar

The last time we went to Barcelona,  we had to fly out of the Girona airport( located an hour north of Barcelona) and we stayed the night in the near by town of Tossa De Mar. This coastal town left a lasting impression on us, so this time around we made sure to dedicate some time to exploring the area.

Mainly a fishing village, this coastal town now supports itself through tourism. Located 100 km north of Barcelona and a 100 km south of the French border, Tossa De Mar is a popular tourist destination. What makes it so special though is the medieval fortress that is located right on the water.

View from inside the fortress

On the sandy beaches of Tossa De Mar with the fortress in the background

Exploring the old located inside the fortress walls


To be continued.. Cadaques,  Salvador Dali and more..


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