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Vienna, Austria ( First Post!)

Vienna,  Austria ( First Post!)

Posted from Wien, Vienna, Austria.

Hello and welcome to ‘All About Travelling- A Travel Blog’. This blog has been a long time coming. Over the last 4 years Christian and I have travelled all over place and in that time we have taken hours of video footage and hundreds of pictures. Unfortunately,  other than the occasional facebook post or instagram picture,  most of our friends and family haven’t seen much of our travels.

Christian and I met in London in 2010 and since then it has been a roller coaster of great memories ( and sometimes not so great memories),  hours of skype chats,  endless bbm conversations and of course a ton of travelling. We started dating in London casually but we never took it seriously as we both knew I would be heading back to Canada ( I was in London taking a year off from my studies).

Months passed and the more time we spent together the more we realized we had a unique bond and a shared passion for adventure and travel. When the time came for me to leave Europe we decided to do long distance. During the time apart we made trips to see each other ( either Christian visiting me in Canada or meeting half way in New York). Over time,  I found myself not only missing him but missing Europe and all the places we still hadn’t explored.

Flash forward to today,  in 2014,  and we are now living together in Vienna,  Austria where I am working as a web developer/designer and Christian works for an energy company.

A Little Bit About Vienna

Vienna is located in a very interesting part of Europe. First of all it is located in Austria ( meaning Salzburg is only 2 hours away by train,  and for a girl who grew up LOVING ‘Sound of Music’ you can imagine how that makes me feel). To the west lies Switzerland and Leichenstein,  to the north lies Germany and Czech Republic,  to the east lies Slovakia and Hungary and then to the south lies Slovenia and Italy.


For two people who love to travel Vienna has a lot to offer!

The city is rich in history and culture. Walking through the streets of the city you feel as if you are back in the 1700’s with the likes of Mozart and all the other great minds. Not going to lie,  I am a big history buff so living in this city inspires me everyday. Christian on the other hand has a serious sweet-tooth -he is all about his cakes and chocolates,  treats you can find in any bakery or cafe house in the city.


In conclusion…

We hope from now on to share our travel stories ( past and present) with you and we look forward to hearing back from all the fellow travellers and readers out there.

Jessica + Christian


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