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From Seattle to Idaho- Exploring the Wild West

From Seattle to Idaho- Exploring the Wild West

Posted from Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

The two of us have been separated over the last few months,  with Jessica being in Canada and Christian in Europe. Luckily for us we were able to find an opening in both our schedules to meet each other for a well needed reunion/holiday.

We decided to meet each other in Seattle,  one of our favourite North American cities. Christian flew directly from Frankfurt to Seattle and Jessica took the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver,  followed by a bus ride from Vancouver to Seattle.

BC ferries- Victoria to Vancouver

We met at our hotel,  the Executive Hotel Pacific,  right in the heart of the city. Having been to Seattle a few times now,  we were familiar with the main streets and had no trouble finding our hotel ( which was conveniently located across from the impressive Public Library).

Arriving at the Executive Hotel Pacific in Seattle

After all the travelling it was nice to find out that our hotel offered a complimentary wine service,  something that we made full use of!

Complimentary wine service
Complimentary wine service

Seattle has become a special place for us both. We love that it is a major American city yet it has a relaxed west coast vibe. The people are friendly and the seafood is fresh- what else could you ask for?

Pike Place Market
pike place market
Seattle Pike

We honestly love exploring the Pike Place market and it never gets old. We even dined at the Athenian restaurant ( where we ate on our last visit),  this time though we made sure to get a picture of Christian sitting in Tom Hank’s chair from ‘Sleepless in Seattle’.

Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle

Christian in Seattle

As we had a limited time in the city we decided to make use of Zipcar, a car-sharing service that bills you by the hour. We decided to quickly drive through the Capital Hill district,  an area known for its century old mansions and diverse community.


Capital Hill



After Seattle it was off to…Idaho!

A while back we decided to look into both of our family tree histories. Christian had heard about a family member who immigrated from Germany to the US in the early 1900s but he didn’t know much else. Through our research on Ancestry.com we were able to locate his family in Twin,  Falls Idaho.

Idaho is an American state located on the western part of the country (surrounded by Washington,  Oregon,  Nevada,  Utah,  Montana and Wyoming), it is has been given the nickname the’ Gem State’, as nearly every known gem has been found there.

Idaho State

Christian flew from Seattle to Boise ( the capital of Idaho) where he met his family for the first time. On the drive from Boise to Twin Falls,  it quickly became evident how beautiful the landscape of Idaho was. Surrounded by mountains and views of the famous Snake River, there was plenty to admire along the drive home.

Snake River

Later on, one of Christian’s family members gave him a tour of one of the potato farms they managed. Believe it or not these potatoes are used by some of the biggest companies in the USA and consumed by people all over the country.
Potato Farm

Idaho Potatoes

The next day Christian had the chance to meet the rest of his family members,  including the direct descendants of his german relative. He was able to ask all kinds of questions and further develop his family tree research. He looked at some old photos,  including photos of his own grandfather and great grandmother( photos he had never seen before). Overall,  everyone was friendly and welcoming and it truly was a special experience!

Despite the short visit,  on the way back to the airport Christian was able to see the Shoshone falls as well as the famous Perrine Bridge ( at one time,  the highest bridge in the world).

Perrine Bridge

Shoshone Falls

Without knowing much about Idaho before,  it became clear that this lesser known state truly is a hidden gem with tons to explore. Clearly two days was not enough to see everything but it is fair to say that a summertime road trip will be in our future plans!

*We would like to thank the Executive Hotel Pacific for accommodating us during our lovely stay in Seattle.

*Many thanks to the Sievers Family

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