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Granada, Spain (rich in culture)

Granada,  Spain (rich in culture)

Posted from Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

If you ever find yourself in the south of Spain,  be sure to visit the city of Granada. It is a city steeped in history with all kinds of cultural influences ( including islamic,  roman and greek),  and it has an energy that undoubtedly makes it a popular destination among tourists.

I had visited Granada for the first time in 2008,  when one of my good friends and I backpacked around Europe. I fell in love with the city. Everything about it was stimulating. From the food to the music to the architecture- I couldn’t get enough. Thats why when Christian and I had the chance to go there for our birthdays last year I was all for it.


At the Alhambra in 2008


We arrived late after a long day of travelling and all we wanted were some tapas and a drinks. It was close to midnight and Christians birthday was coming up (believe it or not,  our birthdays are a day a part- April 6 and April 7). We walked into a tiny bar off one of the squares and ordered a drink. The bar was quite small with about 10-12 people inside including an old spanish man in a suit. Somehow he found out it was Christian’s birthday and decided to serenade us.

Our own private show


The spanish sure know how to entertain as we discovered that night. The music and entertainment lasted all night with more tapas and drinks leaving us more than satisfied.

The next day we ventured out on foot to explore the old town. Granada is a city where you can walk everywhere. Exploring the old town you feel as if you are exploring a little village. The narrow cobblestone streets and white washed buildings help you forget your actually in the city.

Cobblestone streets

We made our way up the winding pathways until we reached the peak of the  Albayzin district. At the top,  by the church of San Nicolas,  is a viewing point with a spectacular view of the Alhambra.

The Birthday Kids( April 6 and 7)

After taking photos and exploring the area we stopped in a near by square for lunch. One of the great things about Granada is that whenever you order a drink you get a free tapa. So we of course sat down and ordered a drink- with a main course of seafood paella.

Seafood Paella

Some hungry cats

The rest of the day was spent exploring and taking in the sights. There are lots of shops and restaurants to check out-many with islamic influences- and you can easily spend all day just shopping and eating.



Free Poems( I LOVED this)



Although our time in Granada was limited,  it was just as enjoyable as the first time. What makes the city so special is not only it’s intriguing people,  it’s great food or interesting history, but its the rich culture of the city that leaves you wanting more.

I truly love Granada and if you haven’t been yet,  I highly suggest adding it to your travel list.


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