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‘Seable’- Holidays For Disabled And Visually Impaired Travellers

‘Seable’- Holidays For Disabled And Visually Impaired Travellers

Posted from Sicily, Italy.

When booking a holiday or travelling around the world,  most people don’t think about the challenges involved for those with disabilities or visual impairments. Luckily there is a great organization who are creating custom made holidays with these people in mind.

Travel for everyone, Seable

‘Seable’ specializes in accessible sport and leisure active holidays for people with limited mobility and the visually impaired. With focus on physical,  emotional,  intellectual and spiritual needs,  these tailor made holidays are truly unique.

Located on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily,  travellers have the opportunity of experiencing such activities as scuba diving,  4×4 Driving on Mount Etna,  olive-oil making and more.

Scuba Diving
4X4 Driving on Mount Etna, Sicily

They also hold two Guinness World Records:

2009 – First paraplegic man to dive 59 metres
2007– First blind girl to dive 41 metres

Guinness World Record-First Blind Girl to dive 41 metres, 2009

What is so great about Seable is that those who would like the option of just packing their bags and going- without the assistance of friends or family- have the freedom to do so. All the traveller needs to worry about is choosing the date and a time to go!

We believe everyone should have the freedom to travel,  no matter what challenges they face. Thats why we were excited to learn more about ‘Seable’ and all the great things they are doing.

The team at ‘Seable’ in discussion with Prince Andrew.

To learn more about ‘Seable’ you can click,  here.




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