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‘Sound of Music’ and Romance in Salzburg

‘Sound of Music’ and Romance in Salzburg

Posted from Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria.

We decided to take a trip to Salzburg over the weekend. For those of you who are familiar with a little movie called  the “Sound of Music”,  this is where they filmed the Hollywood classic.  We had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron,  where they filmed this scene here:

Although they filmed most of the inside scenes on a Hollywood set,  the interior was modelled after the hotel.

We arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon,  excited to walk around and explore. Luckily for us the rain had finally stopped. Before exploring though we went to drop off our bags in our room.

Checking in to hotel

Although you can stay inside the main palace,  they recently renovated the rooms of the side building (the Meierhof building),  and that is where we stayed for the night. We loved the room- it was spacious and clean and had a real cozy atmosphere. Definitely a place you could stay for a week visit.

Superior Double Room
The washroom

We walked over to the main building and immediately saw the famous lake view. The two horses perched across from one another with the mountain in the distance reflecting on the lake – pure bliss.

The Famous View
“The hills are alive”
Yes.. this happened.

As we arrived fairly late in the afternoon we were getting hungry. We headed into the centre and looked for an authentic place to eat. Having been to Salzburg two or three times before,  we remembered a place where they served really good goulash. We couldn’t remember the name of it,  but after some exploring we found it.

Dinner time
Austrian Goulash with Knodel(dumpling)

The last time we sat in this restaurant was when we first started dating. Everything was new and exciting,  and since then a lot has happened. We started talking about our relationship and all the ups and downs but how through it all we have stuck together. We are not sure if the waiter overheard our conversation or not because when she showed up with dessert this is what it looked like.

Cake with heart
Chocolate love, Salzburg

After dinner we casually walked the streets of Salzburg before bussing back to our hotel. Although the walk from the bus stop to the hotel was around 10 minutes,  we didn’t mind stretching our legs.  As we got closer to the hotel we could see the lake in the distance. The street lights were reflecting on the water and the first thing that came to mind was the scene in the movie where they sing ” I Am 16 Going On 17″. Unfortunately the white gazebo is not there anymore (they moved it after tourists were flooding the property).

After drinking a complimentary drink from the restaurant across the lake we made our way back to our room. We can honestly say we had the best sleep that night due the comfortable mattress and soft pillows.

The next morning we walked over to the dining hall in the Palace and ate from the delicious breakfast buffet. The palace was gorgeous and we felt like royalty eating our breakfast in the beautifully decorated room.

Breakfast in the main dining hall

Staying in the hotel you have access to the palace’s many rooms including the library and the Chinese room. Had we had more time we would have loved to have curled up with a good book while relaxing in the library.

The Library Room
palace exploring
Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg

We decided to walk around the lake and see the palace from the other side. It was raining so luckily we brought an umbrella with us.

Pretty view from across the lake
“Raindrops on roses”

As we only planned on staying for one night,  we had to make our way to the train station. We took a taxi into the centre and asked the driver for his suggestions of lunch places. He dropped us off outside of the St. Peterstiftskeller restaurant (the oldest known restaurant in Europe- since 803).

St. Peterstiftskeller, Salzburg
Christian ordered the Schnitzel

After lunch we made our way to the station and caught our train back to Vienna. Although it was a short trip,  it was very much needed.

Every now and then you need to recharge your “relationship” batteries,  and staying at a romantic hotel in a romantic city helped do just that.

The last ones to leave breakfast

We want to thank Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron for the hospitality and making our stay an enjoyable one. We would love to visit again in the future.


Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron: http://www.schloss-leopoldskron.com/en/

Restaurant s’Herzl : http://www.restaurantherzl.com/en/

St. Peterstiftskeller Restaurant : http://stpeter-stiftskeller.at/en/


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  • Nice blog. The hotel is perfect. We will like to go there to Salzburg, where my favourite movie the Sound of Music was filmed and see every thing. I don’t want to miss any thing

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