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Tofino, Canada (The beauty of the west coast)

Tofino,  Canada (The beauty of the west coast)

Posted from Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

I grew up on the west coast of Canada,  in the city of Victoria. For those who don’t know where Victoria is,  it is located at the bottom of Vancouver Island and it a must see if you plan on travelling to Canada. The whole island in fact is a must see but Tofino in particular ranks high on my list of travel destinations.


I spent my whole childhood growing up on the island yet I never made the trip out to Tofino. It wasn’t until I returned from Europe with Christian that we decided to check it out. We rented a car in Victoria and drove up the island. It takes a total of 4 hours to drive to Tofino but we decided to stop half way  in the town of Parksville ( another beautiful destination) for the night.

Parksville Beach- Famous for it's tide that goes out far

The weather in the summer is beautiful and you will have many chances to stop along the way for food and exploring. If you get the chance check out ‘Coombs Market’( famous for having goats on the roof!).

We arrived in Tofino and checked into our accommodation. I have friends who visit Tofino regularly and they suggested we stay at the‘Middle Beach Lodge’. The view from the main deck was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t wait to explore the area.

Middle Beach Lodge


One of the things about Tofino ( and west coast life in general) is that people know how to relax and enjoy themselves. You feel one with nature when you are there,  surrounded by cedar trees and wild life. Tofino is also known for its diverse collection of birds so its not rare to see a great blue heron or a bald eagle every now and then.

We decided to explore more of the sea life so we signed up for a whale watching tour. Growing up in Victoria I have had my fair share of whale watching tours,  but the waters surrounding Tofino are much more wild and open. We saw all kinds of wild life,  including sea otters,  sea lions, wolves and pacific grey whales.

Sea Lions

Later on we returned to the lodge and relaxed in the main lounge area. They offered free hot drinks( including tea and hot chocolate)  and a selection of board games to choose from. We decided to play a game of chess ( which turned into hours of re-matches after Christian kept kicking my ass). We are now chess crazy and play the game whenever we get the chance- thanks to that epic battle at Middle Beach Lodge.

View from the main lounge

Epic Chess battle( of Christian kicking my ass)

One thing we both noticed while in Tofino was that it was filled with german tourists. Germans are known to flock to the west coast,  as it is world famous for its natural beauty and wild life. Christian thought that travelling to the other side of the world would mean not having to hear german for while,  but it seemed to be the opposite ( and Christian couldn’t blame them).

Tofino is world famous for its beautiful beaches and world class surfing. As it turned out there happened to be a major surfing competition while we were there,  so we went to check out the scene.

*For those interested in learning how to surf,  Tofino has a selection of surf schools to choose from.


Surfing in Tofino

Rip Curl Surfing Competition

We spent a total of three days in Tofino and it was the perfect amount of time to relax and recharge. I was amazed that it took me so long to visit but in the end it was worth it. There is a reason why people travel across the world to visit the Vancouver Island- it truly is a special place.

Exploring Long Beach

Middle Beach Lodge






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