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Vienna, Austria (Best Ice-cream in Vienna?)

Vienna,  Austria (Best Ice-cream in Vienna?)

Posted from Wien, Vienna, Austria.

Europeans love their ice-cream. Vienna in particular has a wide variety of ice cream shops to choose from- all offering their own flavours and variation. According to Christian though,  the best ice-cream in town can be found at ‘Eis- Greissler’.

Best ice-cream in Vienna

Eis-Greissler,  also known as ‘Eis’ is an organic ice cream shop located in two central locations of Vienna- Mariahilferstrasse and Rotenturmstraße (near Schwedenplatz). The shop is quite popular among locals and tourists,  with lines usually going down the street.

Near Schwedenplatz

Always a line outside

Ice-cream shop entrance

They offer a wide variety of flavours including some interesting ones like apricot,  poppyseed and pumpkinseed oil ( tastes like pistachio). If you are a vegan or prefer non-diary,  they also offer vegan options.

Interesting Flavours

Organic Ice-cream

If you find yourself in Vienna we suggest you visit ‘Eis’ and try one of their many delicious flavours… trust us you will not be disappointed!


Christian is happy

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  • Had been to this place about 3 years ago. Just popped in to see what all the rush was about and got to taste one of their wares. What lovely ice cream.
    Good selection Jessica 🙂

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