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Vienna City Guide

Vienna City Guide

Posted from Oppland, Norway.

So you are visiting the Austrian capital city of Vienna? Well, you are in for a treat- Vienna is a charming city that will leave you inspired by its rich culture and history.

Here are our suggestions for things to see and do while visiting Vienna!


Main attractions


1.) St. Stephen’s Cathedral


Located in the heart of the city centre, this cathedral is one of the most popular attractions in Vienna. Originally constructed in 1147, this cathedral has played a significant role in the history of this Austrian city.

As one of the tallest churches in the world, the St. Stephens Cathedral offers stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. You can either walk to the top, via the South tower, or take the elevator to the top via the north tower.

If heights are not your thing (standing at 136 meters), then you can simply walk within the church walls and admire the artistry and craftsmanship of this impressive building.


2.) Schönbrunn Palace

Schonbrun Palace, Vienna

If you have heard of the Palace of Versailles (the seat of political power for King Louis XIV in France), then you will appreciate the grandeur of its Austrian counterpart. This was the summer home of the Habsburg royal family, and with 1,441 rooms its not hard to see why.

If you are interested in seeing where Marie Antoinette once slept or if you just would like to explore an Austrian palace, then you can buy a ticket to explore the inside. If you rather not wait in line or spend the money on a ticket, then the impressive gardens are free for the public (and worth the visit).

Located in the gardens you will also find the Tiergarten ( Vienna Zoo) which happens to be the oldest zoo in the world.

Whether you decide to visit the inside of the palace or the impressive surrounding gardens, this is one attraction you will not one to miss while visiting Vienna.


3.) Naschmarkt


Dating back to the the 16th century, this market is the longest running market in Vienna. Here you can find all kinds of fruits and vegetables, along with different cheeses, meats, seafood and more. You will also find a wide variety of sit down restaurants ranging from traditional Austrian dishes to sushi.


4.) Visit one of the many coffee houses

Vienna coffee house


Vienna is famous for its traditional coffee houses. In 2011, Vienna’s world-famous coffeehouse culture was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. A trip to Vienna is not complete without enjoying a cup of Viennese coffee while nibbling on a tasty slice of Viennese cake.

Some coffee houses to check out : Cafe Sperl, Cafe Central, Cafe Demel


5.) Explore the city on Bike

Biking in Vienna


Located throughout the city are rental bikes which allow you to explore the city by bike. There are 120 bike stand locations, so no matter where you are in the city you will be able to find or return your bike without an issue. Vienna is cyclist’s dream come true- there are bike paths all throughout the city so cycling is encouraged!


6.) For those Classical Music Lovers

A majority of famous classical composers lived or worked in Vienna, and their houses are still around today. If you have ever wondered where these creative minds spent their time writing their masterpieces, then make sure to check out some of these musician’s memorials.

Mozart House

Haydn House

Beethoven in Vienna


*Also check out:

Grinzing : Located in the 19th district with traditional Austrian style restaurants and local wines

Rathaus: This is the city hall of Vienna and during certain periods of the year events, markets and festivals are located here. If visiting at Christmas time, make sure to check out the traditional Christmas market here.

Donau Insel: The Donau (or Danube as it is called in English) is the river that goes through the city and in the summer time it is the place to be. Vienna can get quite warm in the summer time, so if you need to be refreshed just take the tram to the Donau Insel and jump in the river (guaranteed you will not be the only one!)


Where to eat?

Whether you are looking for a sit down meal or something on the go, Vienna has a little something for everyone.

Traditional Austrian Food


When visiting Vienna you will want to try the traditional Wiener Schnitzel (Wiener translates to Viennese in German).


Check out:



Gasthaus Pöschl



Mini Sachertorte

A delicious and popular Viennese dessert is the classic Sachertorte. This sweet-treat consists of dark chocolate cake with a layer of apricot jam in the middle and topped off with chocolate icing. If you have a sweet tooth then you will love this special dessert.

Check out:

Cafe Sacher

Cafe Demel

Cafe Central




image via instagram/yamm_restaurant

Austrian food tends to be quite “meaty”, but luckily there are some great vegetarian restaurants worth visiting.

Check out:



Swing Kitchen



*Cheap but good*

Sababa (Stephanplatz u-bahn)

-Middle eastern food

Mythos (Zieglergasse u-bahn)

-Greek food

Disco- Volante (Zieglergasse u-bahn)

-Italian style Pizza


Travel Tips


Cheap flights:

Low cost airline Ryanair


Although there are many flights that go into the Vienna airport, you can also check flights into Bratislava with airlines such as Ryanair. Bratislava and Vienna are the two closest capital cities in Europe (being a little less than an hour away from one another), therefore you can choose to fly in or out of the Bratislava airport and then take one of the buses from outside the airport straight into Vienna.

Timetable/fares of bus between Bratislava and Vienna 


Cheap bus:

Vienna is great for travelling, as it is well connected by all modes of transportation, but the cheapest option is of course the bus and there are a few bus companies to choose from.

Flixbus travels all of Europe with tickets as low as 5 euros.

Flixbus Website

Student Agency is another great option

Student Agency Website



While in Austria you might want to check some of the surrounding cities, including the equally charming and historical Salzburg. With Westbahn you can find tickets starting at 25 euros for a trip from Vienna to Salzburg.

Westbahn website



Vienna is truly a special city, with so much to offer no matter what you are looking for. Although steeped in history, there is also a young, vibrant energy that compliments the old with the new. Hopefully you can use our guideline to get you started on the planning of your trip, but no matter what, we suggest just walking around and getting “happily” lost in this beautiful and unique European city.



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