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Vienna Wine Walk – Exploring the “wine country” of Vienna

Vienna Wine Walk – Exploring the “wine country” of Vienna

Posted from Wien, Vienna, Austria.

Every year at the end of September Vienna hosts Wein Wandern Wien (Wine Walk Vienna). People have the option of hiking three different routes through Vienna’s 1700 acres of vineyards. These trails can not be accessed at any other time of the year- being private property and all- so it’s definitely something to check out.

“Vienna Wine Walk”

When we first moved to Vienna we walked the trail with a few friends  and the experience left a lasting impression. Not only do you get the chance to taste delicious local wines,   but you also get the chance to witness stunning views of the city. The outer districts of the city where the hike takes place ( 16th, 19th and 21rst district) are elevated,  offering hikers a view of the whole city including the Danube running through it.

Two years ago- the first time we did the “Vienna Wine Walk”
Amazing View

We took the vespa to the ‘Nussdorf’ location (district 19) and started the hike from there. The weather was beautiful and the sun was warmer than we expected. We stopped along the way to take pictures and soak in the views.

Christian getting the trail maps
Our new love
Jessica soaking up some rays

All along the trail there are vineyards where you can stop and try local wine and food. We stopped at one place and ordered some bread with Liptauer spread( spicy cheese spread) as well as a traditional Austrian drink,  Sturm.

Sturm- a traditional Austrian alcoholic beverage

Sturm is an alcoholic beverage- also known as Federwesser; a product of fermented freshly pressed grape juice. It’s delicious and worth trying when visiting at this time of the year.

Walk through the vines

Unfortunately we didn’t complete the full trail,  but for those debating on when to visit Vienna,  consider coming at this time of year. It is one of our favourite things to do in the city.

More info about Vienna and Wine,  here.


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